Anna Sanares-Brissett DDM MDS M(PaedDent) RCS (Edin)
Jad Clarke BDS DClinDent MRACDS (Paed)

My child has knocked their tooth out - how should I take care of them?

A primary (baby/milk tooth) is usually not replaced for several different reasons. For example, replacement can damage the new tooth growing in the gum. However store the tooth in milk and seek professional advice. Do not throw the tooth away. Always try to find all the pieces of tooth if it has been broken. A secondary tooth (permanent or adult tooth) is usually replaced if knocked out. Rinse the tooth clean in milk, or saline if available, before replacement. It is best to hold the tooth by its crown and gently push it back into the gum. Try not to handle the root of the tooth when replacing the tooth. If unsure, place the tooth in milk and seek professional advice. Try to avoid storing the knocked out tooth in water. Once replaced, hold the tooth gently in place with a clean handkerchief or foil.

Always seek professional advice.